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The Grasslands of the Himalayan Mountains and the Gobi Desert, where 90% of the world Cashmere is produced, are dying at a drastic rate because of climate change. Fast fashion brands entering the industry did not help. Their business structure put an incredible pressure in Cashmere farming.

This has led to a dramatic decrease in quality of Cashmere. Your Cashmere is getting rougher every year, it is losing its finesse and softness. Every year, the quality of Cashmere is degrading. If You don’t do anything now then it won’t be possible for you to wear a beautiful cashmere sweater tomorrow.

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What We Do?

Patasi Cashmere provides you with industry leading OEM/ODM services. Your cashmere is made with probably the most sustainable cashmere. We farm it ourselves as we believe an holistic approach to the entire Cashmere industry is the only possible to control the quality of your cashmere. For this reason, we are directly involved in the farming process, combing, dehairing and spinning the cashmere yarn for you. This assures the quality of the yarn prevails while incentive driven supply chain assure fair and ethical practices at work, including in the farms.

Why Patasi Cashmere?

Touch & Feel
Exceptional Yarn & Dye Quality
Super-Soft Cashmere for your Super-Soft skin made with high quality non-toxic dyes to make it more worthy of you.
Outstanding Knitting & Weaving Facility
Advance computerized machines let’s you design more unique and beautiful designs. Now you have the freedom to express.
Real-Time Order Monitoring System
Monitor your order from any corner of the world and at any time convenient for you. Feel at ease.

Your Collection

Every year Patasi Cashmere teams up with designers from around the world and creates trending collection for you. The objective is to present you with a collection that will help you build a loyal client base. While, on the other hand, assuring that your collection always remain up to date.

This collection is full of colors and will make your brand stand out among the crowds. It is made of fine and luxurious cashmere. It is incredibly soft. You and your client are in for a treat!!!

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