November 17, 2019
Always Get The Best Cashmere?

The sustainability of the Cashmere industry is a big doubt Climate change and to some extent over grazing has led to an drastic increase in the size of Gobi Desert ie on average 3600 Sq Km per year This has severely harmed the quality of the grass...

November 17, 2019
Why Cashmere Is So Expensive?

This article is as reported by Business Insider: Cashmere is one of the most sought-after fibers in the world It's fine hairs are softer, lighter, and can be up to three times more insulating than sheep wool It has been a prized material for...

December 6, 2019
This Is How Your Cashmere Will Look Like In 10 Years Time!!!

Cashmere is a Natural fiber that is designed by nature to last a life time Cashmere is like hair, It is very difficult to destroy-especially, if you do not intend to Here is a list of few things you will notice as your Cashmere...

November 21, 2019
Taking Care Of Your Cashmere

You just bought a new cashmere!!! Now you need to know how to wash and take care of your cashmere so that it will last a life time If taken care well, Cashmere is a very durable fiber It will feel softer and more amazing with time So here is...

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