Cashmere in Nepal: The Truth!

Cashmere and Nepal has a long history, but not that long.

Grazing, Feeding!

Nepal has a long history of farming Chyangra Cashmere goat in mountainous terrain near the Himalayas. In reality, it is the same breed as goats found in Western Tibet and Ladakh region in India. Originally, this specific breed gave the finest cashmere and the Kashmiri shawls. However, in the dry and mountainous terrain of Western Nepal, it was more an important source of food. In truth, Cashmere goats were never farmed in Nepal but imported from Tibet via the Trans-Himalayan silk road. These imported goats had low fur quality. The locals were fine with it as it still their purpose.

Even today cashmere is not farmed in Nepal. They are mostly imported from China. It was only in 1990s a small cashmere knitting and weaving industry flourished in Nepal. Before that point, cashmere technically had a next to none influence in the Nepalese culture and tradition. However, an unprecedented growth in Cashmere knitting and weaving industry resulted in Nepal being synonymous with Cashmere.

At Patasi, we use the massively developed cashmere industry in neighboring China. This helps us to make a high quality cashmere sweater for you in competitive price. Our involvement in Cashmere goat farming also assures your cashmere is guilt free and sustainably produced. 

Cashmere in Nepal- the truth is- every one involved in Cashmere industry know that there is not cashmere farming in Nepal , but, our commitment to quality of quantity makes Nepal a prefect destination for Brands focusing in Quality of Cashmere and Knitwear and Weaves.