Cashmere, UK & Nepal

The East India Company introduced Cashmere to The UK as early as 17th Century. British people are known for their admiration of fine work and material. This means, today, UK is among the top purchasers of Cashmere.

Historically, Nepalese and the British has had a friendly relation ever since the Anglo-Nepal War in 1814. As a result of the war, the British government also started hiring Nepali soldiers in the their military. This regiment of the British military are famously known as the “Gurkhas”.

Ever since, Nepal has enjoyed special benefits from the UK, not only political but also economical benefits. Nepal’s status as a LDC also is a major factor. As a result, The UK exempts Nepalese Cashmere from any import duty. This results in cost benefits to You as a buyer.

Today, variety of British brands sale Cashmere made in Nepal. Some of Our clients share us their story. They tell us about how you could be deceived without even knowing about it. For example, one of our client faced a lenghty legal bill because a manufacturer had sold Pashmina (local name for cashmere) with no cashmere content at all. There is no legal protection for the word “Pashmina”. People can sell anything as Pashmina. However, in early 2000 this knowledge was not widespread. So some manufacturer started deceiving customers for greater profits. On the other hand, since it’s introduction, Cashmere has received legal protection in The UK. So you can imagine the lengthy legal bill.

Cashmere, Uk & Nepal.

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