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May 30, 2020
Tips on how to style scarf in 5 different ways!

Your scarf is a great versatile fashion accessory It adds color, style and completeness to your look A scarf can be used to give your look a coolness when hanging out with friends The same scarf can also give you a sharp professional look in a work...

April 7, 2020
Video: How Your Woven Cashmere Are Made!

https://youtube/jRJ4WEYJ9L4 This is how your cashmere is woven Weaving cashmere was probably the preferred method of creating beautiful garments from Cashmere When the world was introduced to cashmere, woven shawls known as Kashmiri shawls became...

January 20, 2020
Cashmere, UK & Nepal

The East India Company introduced Cashmere to The UK as early as 17th Century British people are known for their admiration of fine work and material This means, today, UK is among the top purchasers of Cashmere Historically, Nepalese and the...