Category: Your Cashmere

February 19, 2020
Video: How You Should Wash Your Cashmere for Longevity and Softness!!!

Cashmere is a very durable fiber that can be with you forever In order to get this longevity with your cashmere there are few things to consider Top of this list is how you wash your cashmere Washing also helps in controlling peeling It is also...

December 6, 2019
This Is How Your Cashmere Will Look Like In 10 Years Time!!!

Cashmere is a Natural fiber that is designed by nature to last a life time Cashmere is like hair, It is very difficult to destroy-especially, if you do not intend to Here is a list of few things you will notice as your Cashmere...

November 21, 2019
Taking Care Of Your Cashmere

You just bought a new cashmere!!! Now you need to know how to wash and take care of your cashmere so that it will last a life time If taken care well, Cashmere is a very durable fiber It will feel softer and more amazing with time So here is...