Certification and Guarantee- A legit question

It is a very common question we have to answer every now and then. Honestly, It is also a very legit question to begin.

Genuine Cashmere Scarf
Genuine Cashmere Scarf

Business’ practicing unethical and dishonest practices are very common in the globalized world. When we traveled around the world exhibiting the Your beautiful cashmere, we found many sellers were selling fake cashmere to you. They were sellers from all around the world- sadly, including Nepalese sellers. We prefer honest practices. That is why we have never indulged in such unethical practices.

To assure you, we will provide you with yarn testing report by SGS, a multinational laboratory headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland- which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services.

Huntsman ecological Azo free dyes are used to give colors to your cashmere. Unfortunately, as these dyes are purchased from a local Huntsman dealer we won’t be able to provide any certification but only can assure of our truthful practices at work. You can also independently test the dye by randomly selecting samples. It will pass with flying colors and that is our guarantee to you.

To conclude, honesty is the best policy and, at Patasi, we heavily indulge in honesty.