How to Hand Knit?- from blankets to hats! (Part 1)

If you are wondering what to do in the current lockdown situation to kill time productively then look no far. Today, we are assembling 4 different things you can hand knit at home. The only equipment you will need is a knitting needle and, of course, some knitting yarn.

1) Lisette Bencomo’s Chunky Knit Blanket:

This is truly hand knit. You will not even need a knitting needle for this one. Just some chunky knitting yarn to get started. In Lisette Bencomo youtube channel she writes “using my hand as a knitting tool”. 

2) RJ Knits teaches you How to Knit a Sweater:

RJ Knits is an amazing youtube channel all about knitting. In the following video Ryan, the host of the show, teaches you how to knit a sweater. You will learn all the basics you will need to get started. For this you will need a knitting needle and some yarn.

3) BeCozi’s Chunky Hat:

You will not need a needle again, only some yarn. BeCozi’s tutorial will guide and maybe, by the end of all the mess going around, you will have created your own hand knitted chunky hat. If you need yarns for it then don’t forget to check out their shop.

4) Good Housekeeping Chunky Knit Sweater:

Yet another chunky knit. But for this one, you will need a knitting needle. It is still hand done and the end product is truly amazing. Jade Harwood, co founder of Wool and the Gang, walks you through the process step by step. Maybe, at the end, you will be the only reason for the warm winter you will have in 2020.

So this is all for part one. Get your self ready and get going. The winter surely warm and happy for you. Don’t forget to comeback for part two of this series.   

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