Is Cashmere Itchy?

Most sweaters are itchy and that is why we have all hated wearing sweater since we were kids. Does this relate to you?

When you were kid, your grand mom probably knitted you a sweater. However, those woolen sweater, though made of so much love, was always uncomfortable to wear. It was mainly because of characteristics of wool. 

Cashmere, on the other hand, are comfortable and lovable. Cashmere fibers, unlike wool, don’t cling outwards. It is more smooth and, thus, you don’t feel the discomfort associated with woolen garments.

Among, the natural fibers with insulating capability, Cashmere is the finest of them all. Silk are more silkier, of course. Nevertheless, cashmere are warmer, breathable and has insulating characteristics unlike any other fiber.

Furthermore, cashmere tends to be naturally un-allergic because of the structure of the fiber- adding to the comfort. This is also because of the characteristics of the fiber. As it is smooth, Cashmere don’t tend to collect dust. You can do your own experiment and prove it to yourself. Just take a woolen sweater and cashmere sweater and throw it in a pit of sand. You will notice, Cashmere tend to lose most of the sand, while woolen sweater tend to store most. 

Now, if you are thinking about giving your grand mom a very lovable gift then cashmere is definitely among the most lovable. If you have time you could knit one, otherwise, we are always there for you. 

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