It’s getting Cold, Maybe a Cashmere might help!

The days are getting colder. The dusk of spring is a dawn for winter. It is probably the best time to get a Cashmere for yourself. You might say, it might be too early for the warmth of Cashmere. However, you might reconsider by the end of this article.

Changpa Nomads have lived and raised Cashmere goats for centuries.

First, Cashmere is an incredible fabric, not only for winter but also for spring and autumn. Cashmere is a breathable natural insulation. It keeps you warm during the colder morning and the evening. However, you will not sweat and feel uncomfortable in the day. It is because it is breathable and lets the excess heat out when you don’t need it.

Nature is truly Amazing!

The natural habitat of Cashmere goat is incredibly cold during the night and morning. However, during the day, the scorching heat means the temperature rises very fast. We, as humans, have clothes for different time. When we feel the heat we will just dress less and when we are cold, we dress more. However, the cashmere goats don’t have this privilege. Thus for this reason, nature gifted them with Cashmere. They shear it naturally when season changes, thus, dressing less for the summer. Truly, Nature is Amazing!

Second, They shear naturally. Yes, we are humans and we should act like one. Cashmere goats shear naturally. We assist them in doing so. This helps them to preserve energy. In a natural habitat Cashmere goat would have loss incredible amount of energy during the shearing period. This was probably one of the reasons why nature made them less aggressive towards human. Cashmere goats are among the first animals to be domesticated, mostly for their milk and for winter clothing. Centuries of domestication and living among the humans has made human assistance natural. Cutting the entire coat to maximize cashmere is in humane but assisting them by combing the cashmere is humane and natural.

Finally, Cashmere is truly a luxury. Nature has made it a luxury. Among the 100s of animals that live in cold temperature, there are only handful of them that grow cashmere. It helps them survive the cold even outside a cave and they hate fire. So nature had to give them something. It is produce in limited amount every year. It is a rare luxury.