About Our Sustainable Yarn

Yarn used at Patasi is sourced from a small village near the town of Bayanhot in Inner Mongolia. We provide farmers with extensive incentives to raise their goats humanely. We have cut half a dozen of middle man and, hence, pay higher amount to the farmers. This assures quality and sustainability of the Yarn used at Patasi.

Yarn Test Certificates

Cashmere yarn we use to make your designs are extensively tested for quality. They are farmed in sustainable manner in Inner Mongolia, China. The sustainable yarn we use to make your design is achieved by transferring large amount of profits traders make, while leaving bare minimum share for the farmers who raise the cashmere goat. By doing so, Farmers have greater incentives to work. They receive increased financial benefits and way sustain and improve their lifestyle.

In Order to assure the quality of the yarn Patasi, First, we test the raw fibers to assure the quality right from the beginning. Another testing is done after the spinning of the yarn. Quality is Priority.

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Manufacture Using Patasi’s Yarn

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