Things To Know: Before Starting A Cashmere & Knitwear Brand- from a manufacturing perspective!!!

Here you begin your journey. When Starting a Cashmere & Knitwear brand, You will need to pass on your designs to your manufacturer. You need to find the best tools to communicate. So here you go,

Pantone Color Book

Pantone Color book are incredibly accurate compare to other color books. They also release yearly color trends. This is an important tool to have with you. You will face much less color issues when working with your manufacturer abroad. 

Pantone Color Chart are among the accurate color charts available in the market.

Purchase a Pantone Color Book at

You can also use their online version for start,(Color book is still better).

Patasi Ama Dablam Color Card

Patasi's Ama Dablam Color Card are the 30 melange color options always available for swift delivery.

Once we begin our work with you. We will send a package to you with the Ama Dablam Color Card. This is the stock yarn we always have with us here in Patasi. With your manufacturer solid color has never been a problem but, with melange, time is always an issue.  Now, You can relax and design without worrying about the melange yarn stock at your manufacturer.

Yarn Count

You might have heard and seen a lot of “26/1 or 26/2” fraction when dealing with Cashmere. So what exactly is that fraction denoting? 

26/1, It means in 1 kg of yarn there is 26 kilometer of yarn. 26/2, means there is 2x13km of yarn twisted together in 1 kg. So this means, 26/2 is thicker than 26/1. Additionally, as the numerator number increases, for example, to 100/1 then the cashmere product becomes thinner and finer. This is because there is 100 km of yarn in 1 kg, resulting in thinner and finer yarn.   

Yarn Ply

26/1, 26/2 – Well the denominator denotes the ply. Number of yarn twisted together. It’s So Simple!!!

There is more things you need to know before starting a cashmere & knitwear brand. We will follow up. To be continued…….

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