Tips on how to style scarf in 5 different ways!

Your scarf is a great versatile fashion accessory. It adds color, style and completeness to your look. A scarf can be used to give your look a coolness when hanging out with friends. The same scarf can also give you a sharp professional look in a work meet up while still showcasing your seriousness to fashion. After all a well dressed person is worth listening too!

There are many ways one scarf can be used in different occasions. It can be used as a cover to a more subtle dress up, or you can simply tie a knot. There million ways you can style one scarf to match up with your dress up and give a outstanding look among your friends and colleagues. Here are 5 ways to use your scarf as a fashion accessory:

Modern One Loop
  • Modern One Loop:

    As the saying goes- “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Modern one loop is probably the simplest of all the ways to put on your scarf. Nevertheless, it gives a sophisticated and fashionable look that you would love and everyone would acknowledge.
  • The Bunny Ear:

The name is cute, but the looks are sharp. This is probably the ultimate scarfing method. You are going to love the comments that are going come towards your new elegant way putting on your scarf.

The Bunny Ear
  • The Infinity Scarf:

    You don’t really need an infinity scarf for this one, despite the name suggest otherwise. Just tie your scarf together towards the end and (wallah) now you have a infinity scarf. Put on your scarf as you put an infinity scarf on (wrap a loop around your neck) and you have mastered yet another great scarfy look for your next trendy attire.
The Toss gives you Style and Elegancy.
  • The Toss:

    The most common of all. Just wrap a scarf around your neck and you simply have ‘the toss’. There isn’t much to say about this simple way put a scarf. Nevertheless, there is style, simplicity and an elegancy in this way of putting your scarf on.
  • The European Loop:

    Fold your scarf into half. Take the middle point and place it on the back of your neck and bring together the two ends- folded end and the actual ends of the scarf. Put the actual end in the loop of the folded end. This gives you the European loop. Sounds sophisticated, but the only sophistication you will be getting is a subtle and trendy fashionable look.
The European Loop- Classic and Stylish

So now you know 5 ways to put a scarf on. Surely this should help you in making better use of your scarf as a fashion accessory. Let us know, which one is your favorite and also other ways to put a scarf on. After sharing your knowledge with us will help us learn more about fashion. 

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